Business Guidelines

Installation Dates
The building / business owner will provide artist with access to set-up his or her window display during normal business hours or as arranged between building  / business owner and artist.

Art Exhibit
The building / business owner will maintain the window-art exhibit from the installation date through the removal date (approximately 2 weeks.)

Art Sales
If customers inquire about purchasing the art during the exhibit, the building / business owner agrees to provide contact information for the artist. The building / business owner is not required or expected to broker any sales on behalf of the artist. The owner’s primary role is to provide information.

Hours of Availability
During each ArtWalk Wednesday event, the building or business owner agrees to be present and on sight from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. to open space for the artist, welcome visitors, and lock up the building at the end of the evening.

If for any reason, the building / business owner cannot be present during any point during the ArtWalk Wednesday event, they must provide the artist with a key to access/close the space. All arrangements for building access and keys will be made directly with the artist and building / business owner (not through DEI).

Interaction with Artist
DEI encourages the building / business owner to become familiar with the artist and his / her work. During the ArtWalk Wednesday events, Artists will be stationed on site to interact with the public and discuss their work. DEI encourages business / building owners to utilize ArtWalk Wednesday events to promote your business or building.

Removal Date
The building / business owner will provide artist with access to remove artwork during normal business hours or at a time agreed upon by the building / business owner and artist.

Marketing Benefits
As a participating business host of the ArtWalk exhibits and ArtWalk Wednesday events, DEI will list your business on our website, print materials, provide a sign to mark your location during the ArtWalk Wednesday events, and include you in all media promotion.