Artist Guidelines

DEI will present awards for the best ArtWalk exhibits that will total $500. The prizes will be awarded after the ArtWalk Wednesday event at the event headquarters.

Selected artists will receive one storefront window to utilize for their ArtWalk exhibit.

Window Arrangement
Artists are responsible for arranging their own props and backdrops according to their selected projects. Artwork will need to be viewable from the street. It may not be possible for viewers to enter the storefront space.

Art Pieces
Each piece of art must be numbered and if an item is sold, it must be replaced by another piece of art.

At least one piece of art in each storefront must be priced at $100 or less.

ArtWalk will provide signage with contact information; however, art must be priced clearly and legibly in the storefront window.

Contact Information
Artists must have at least ONE means of contact for potential buyers (phone, email, website, online store) and they must be prompt in returning communication with ArtWalk consumers. ArtWalk reserves the right to expel Artists who aren’t diligent in communicating with potential consumers.

Selected artists MUST complete the installation by the final installation date or they will not be eligible for voting on ArtWalk Wednesday.

Selected artists MUST be available for installation, ArtWalk Wednesday, and removal dates.

DEI will secure up to 10 spaces for use on Main Street. The selection committee will determine who is awarded which space.

Legal Requirements
Participants shall comply with insurance requirements as stipulated by the building owner and or Indiana State Law.

Site Access
Program participants will be able to access the storefronts on the first day of the Installation Date, provided a short-term agreement has been signed.

Open Exhibit
All program participants must have art installed by the last day of the Installation Date and be prepared to maintain a window gallery through the Removal Date.

Close Exhibit
Participants must vacate the space and remove all store items by the Removal Date.

DEI Marketing Support
DEI will promote participants in our promotional materials, our monthly newsletter, ads, and social media. Pop-up shop participants should also do their own marketing as well.

Participants are required to create an online presence in order for potential and current customers to learn about your artwork. This does not necessarily need to be a full-fledged website – a simple Facebook Page will do the trick.

Changes to Space
Improvements, including paint, may be made with prior approval by the building owner. Upon move out, the space must be returned in clean condition. Each ArtWalk participant is responsible for general upkeep of the space for the duration of the contract including cleaning, light bulb replacement, window washing, etc.

Services Provided by Landlord
Landlord is responsible for payment of all utilities and property maintenance including but not limited to electricity, water, sewer, trash and snow plowing.