Soma South Main Revitalization

We believe change will happen on South Main. You can believe it too!

SoMa is a new Elkhart community planning initiative. Convened by Mayor Dick Moore as a study group, we’re looking at taking the next steps in downtown development for the 500- 700 blocks of South Main Street. Our goal is to address key opportunities and possible threats facing this downtown district, transforming it into a place where people want to work, live, and play.


SoMa will focus on housing, commercial service needs of neighborhood residents, enhancing the arts & entertainment district and gateway/green space improvements for the city’s downtown. We’ll also concentrate on some key downtown properties including the nine-story 500 South Main Street building known as Cornerstone (formerly the Hotel Elkhart) and the railroad Depot.

Why it Makes a Difference

Following the lead of the successful 400 Block Study Group and working collaboratively with the City of Elkhart, SoMa will build on the positive energy and results The Lerner brings to the city and its downtown. By combining the best of the past with the promise of the future, SoMa’s efforts will continue to improve our city’s quality of life and become the “next act” in Elkhart’s downtown redevelopment.

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